Jubliant Crown Diamond Engagement 3 Stone Ring

Jubliant Crown Diamond Engagement 3 Stone Ring

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Fantastic 3 stone Engagement ring with a total weight of 1.01 carats!  Stylized half bezels embrace the center three Jubilant Crown Diamonds transcending with accent melee to the Euro shank below.

Inspired by the Victorian Era and fashioned after the Jubilee Diamond Queen Victoria received on her 75th birthday, which to this day can be seen in the crown jewels, the Jubilant Crown was created.  Extraordinary radiance delivered from an additional 16 facets in the crown, giving this cut a total of 74 facets as compared to the 58 facets in a traditional round diamond cut.  The perfected symmetry allows for the maximum dispersion of light, as elegant and gracious as the love that inspired it.

  • 14KW
  • 1.01 ctw Jubilant Crown Diamonds
  • .49ct center
  • G SI12
  • 2.7dwt
  • Size 6.5