Jak Figler


 Jak Figler Stow, Ohio


A few years ago, Jak made the decision to start a new life.  He wanted to get back to his formal training as a jewelry designer.  He left the corporate world to start his own company, Jak Figler Designs Ltd.  Immediately after diving head first back into the jewelry world, Jak was approached by the largest jewelry company in the USA and offered a position as a head designer.  He humbly declined the offer, knowing that this was either the smartest or dumbest decision of his life, definitely the craziest!

“I was done being a cog in the corporate machine, I can’t stomach the thought of having my designs made in questionable factories overseas, I’ve been to some of those factories, I couldn’t be a part of that.  Chances are that if you buy ANY name brand jewelry, it’s made in a sweat shop. In addition, I didn’t feel like helping pay for some suit’s beach house, I needed to get away from all of that, I wanted to get back to the personal side of designing, that’s why I left and started my own company.”