Lavish 50ml Jewelry Cleaner Kit

Lavish 50ml Jewelry Cleaner Kit

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We care about your jewelry, thats why we use better ingredients, better packaging, and you get better performance to keep you sparkling brighter all day long.  Use Lavish everyday to safely and conveniently make your jewelry sparkle and shine more than it ever has.


User and Eco Friendly. Lavish is a bio-based cleaning formula that contains no harsh chemicals, peroxides, phosphates, or ammonia.

Made in the USA

Using Lavish Foam

Our Lavish jewelry cleaning foam is our #1 Customer favorite.  The foam gets into the hard to reach places and breaks down the grime so it can be easily rinsed away.  Say goodbye the lotion, body oils, and other gunk that gets in the way of your sparkle and shine.